Seismic Interpretation

The principal aim of seismic interpretation and attribute analysis is to decipher the geological significance of seismic data. The geoscience professionals at REGO put their ingenuity and in-depth understanding of the physical principles governing seismic exploration methods. The seismic interpretation workflow adopted in REGO includes:

  • Data loading and QC
  • Fault Interpretation
  • Horizon Interpretation
  • Depth Conversion
  • Structural Framework Analysis
  • Volumetric Estimation

Static Modeling

3D geocellular models are realistic models that capture the reservoir structure, geometry and storage capacity (Porosity & Fluid saturation). Static modeling focuses on data integration to model reservoir architecture and fluid flow properties. This involves: 

  • Data Loading and QC
  • Structural Modeling
  • Horizon Modeling
  • Fine grid design
  • Log up-scaling
  • Facies/Petrophysical Modeling
  • Volumetric computation/Analysis
  • Simulation grid design
  • Reservoir properties up-scaling

Well Planning

Well target design and evaluation are integral parts of well planning which check for geometric constraints and definition of geological boundaries to generate planned trajectories for new wells.

Core Description

Cores are representative samples of subsurface reservoir taken for various analyses. At Rego Petroleum Services Limited, our team of geoscientists carries out core description, logging into appropriate software, interpret their depositional environments and integrate them into well logs.

Sequence Stratigraphy

Central to sequence stratigraphic analysis is the identification and interpretation of significant stratigraphic surfaces and their strata pattern. With the aid of multiple data sets (including but not limited to seismic, cores, well logs, biostratigraphic and geochemical data) and appropriate software, geoscientists at REGO investigate the vertical and lateral continuity of depositional facies and their stacking pattern to correlate depositional sequences while applying industry best practices.