Reservoir simulation

REGO dynamic reservoir simulation team undertakes the following responsibilities for their clients:

  • Data gathering, review and quality check.
  • Data enhancement and supplementing, where necessary
  • Carry out production performance, material balance, decline curve analyses and other performance evaluation analyses
  • Conduct Well Test Analysis and interpretation on given wells (where data are available)
  • Build dynamic models by incorporating all available data including validated PVT models.
  • Validate the models by history-matching the observed historical pressure and production performance profiles
  • Carry out probabilistic modeling: P10, P50 and P90.
  • Carry out experimental design on history match model.
  • Identification of Infill development opportunities (New drills, MRWO, NRWO)
  • Prediction of future performance of both new and existing wells in the field.
  • Conduct artificial-lift (gas-lift/ESP) optimization analysis


Field Development planning
REGO Asset Development team undertakes the following responsibilities:

  • Reservoir production performance review – an evaluation of the reservoir historical performance to gain in-depth knowledge of the reservoir response to imposed fluid withdrawal and the drive mechanisms.
  • Reservoir description – a description of the reservoir architecture and associated rock and fluid properties.
  • Individual historical well performance review
  • Material balance study of the reservoirs – to estimate OOIP and relative contributions to reservoir energy from the various energy sources at play.
  • Reserves review – an estimation of the reservoir ultimate recoveries and reserves.
  • Opportunity identification – identification of possible opportunities for MRWO’s, NRWO’s.
  • Wellbore Utilization Plan – a plan for the short term or long term utilization of the well bore for hydrocarbon recovery.
  • Surveillance plan – Data collection and analyses critical to future decision.
  • Asset study plan – future studies for in-depth asset evaluation to mitigate uncertainties
  • Mitigation Plan – a plan to mitigate uncertainties and other possible impediments to the realization of the FCDP goals.
  • Gas Utilization – a plan to utilize all gas (AG and NAG) under “zero” gas flaring conditions
  • Abandonment Plan – a plan to abandon all wells and other production facilities

Project Management and Economics
REGO expertise encompasses the management of a project from the start to end of the project lifetime incorporating the different economic cases utilizing the appropriate tools (such as IPMS, project portals and 3D conceptual engineering) in order to ensure that standards and project requirements are aligned with your vision.



Facilities Design

REGO offers complete integrated services to conduct Front End Engineering Design (FEED) as well as preparation of specifications: Wellhead and Production Platforms, Flow stations, Early Production Systems, Oil Treating Terminals & Gas Processing Plants (LPG and LNG).


Well Test Design and Analysis

REGO undertakes well test design and analysis (co-ordination and interpretation of well test data) for the oil and gas industry:

  • Build-up analysis.
  • Draw down analysis.
  • Radius of investigation etc.

Production Optimization 
REGO designs gas lift to aid the flow of reservoir fluid through the production tubing. The purpose is to bring the fluids to the surface at a desirable wellhead pressure.

Well and Completion Design
Among our expertise, well planning, design and completion activities involve:

  • Plot of depth vs. time, Pore pressure vs. depth, Fracture gradient vs. depth, Mud weight vs. depth etc.
  • Mud programme
  • Drill string design
  • Casing Design
  • Tubing design
  • Target depths.
  • Expected casing points.
  • Bottom hole assembly
  • Bit programme
  • Cement Programme
  • Rig Selection
  • Dry holes and completed wells
  • Tangibles, intangibles, and contingency items