Our team of geoscientists and engineers use a wide range of software tools for project execution. These include but not limited to the following:
  • Roxar IRAP RMS Suite
  • Geographix Suite
  • Eclipse Suite
  • EPS Pansystem
  • Petroleum Expert MBAL
  • P.E Moseley WEM
  • Fekete RTA
  • Design Expert
  • @ Risk Tool
  • Reservoir Engineering Toolkit

REGO renders training on the use of some of the listed software packages above.


Rego offers specialised training on the listed items below:

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Reservoir Geology
  • Reservoir Simulation


One of the business areas of REGO is the sales and marketing of oil & gas industry software packages for software development companies.

Currently, REGO is the sole representative of P.E. Moseley & Associates in Nigeria, a software development company based in Houston, USA. P.E. Moseley & Associates is the developer of a well optimization software package called Well Evaluation Model (WEM). One of the modules in WEM is WEMstd which is a standard nodal analysis package for most well systems.

Included features for WEMstd are: 
– Well Modeling Capability:

  • Black Oil/Gas/Water
  • Producing or Injecting Wells
  • Vertical or Deviated Wells
  • Tubing Flow
  • Default Well Flow Correlations
  • Inflow Options: Oil Wells (Radial & Vogel), Gas Wells (Radial & Back Pressure), Water Wells (Linear PI)
  • Single Reservoir
    – Nodal Analysis:
  • Inflow Sensitivity
  • Outflow Sensitivity 
    – Extended Well Modeling Capability:
  • Gas Condensate Fluid
  • Flowline Model
  • Surface Chokes
  • 3D Directional Surveys
  • Downhole Equipment
  • Wide Variety of Flow Paths
  • Well Flow Correlation Options & Well Performance Tuning
  • Eight completion types, grouped as either cased hole or open hole

– Cased Hole Completion options include:

  • Natural Perforation
  • Inside Casing Gravel Pack
  • Natural Perforation + Gravel Pack
  • Frac Pack
  • Hydraulic fracture 
    – Open Hole Completion options include:
  • Open Hole
  • Open Hole + Gravel Pack
  • Open Hole + Slotted Liner 
    – Extended Analysis Capability
  • PVT Program
  • Flowline Property Profiles
  • Wellbore Profile (Gradient)
  • Hydraulic Tables
  • System Deliverability
  • IPR Sensitivity
  • TCP Sensitivity
  • Choke Sizing

WEM has been used worldwide by operators, service companies and consultants for more than 25 years.

REGO markets, installs and provides training on WEM.